Required Documents

In order to comply with EU Financial Authority regulations, we require a set of specific company details and identity verifications. To get started, please ensure you have these documents available:

  • A color copy of the company owner's passport
  • Recent owner's utility bill (gas, telephone, etc...) showing the owner’s full name and address
  • Credit card (ACH or POS terminal) processing history of the previous 3-6 months (not required for startup companies)
  • Certificate of company incorporation (showing company number, the names of representatives, etc...)
  • Company bank account details
  • Company bank statement for the previous 3-6 months, showing company name and account number.
  • Copy of business license (not applicable if your business is not regulated)

Website Compliance Requirements

To ensure compliance with the Card Brands, your website must meet the following criteria before accepting payments:

  1. 1.Company address visible on the website
  2. 2.Visa/MasterCard logos clearly displayed
  3. 3.Prices clearly presented
  4. 4.Permitted transaction currencies clearly stated
  5. 5.Data protection and confidentiality policy on the website
  6. 6.A clear refund/cancellation policy presented
  7. 7.Written confidentiality policy on the website

If shipping physical products:

  1. 1.A written shipping policy on the website
  2. 2.Shipping pricing clearly presented
  3. 3.Return of goods policy clearly visible

If providing product free trials:

  1. 1.Free trial terms and conditions presented on the website

The Process

Once you submit your application, our customer service specialist will contact you in the next 24-48 business hours. If your application is accepted, the process for setting up the MID takes 10 business days before you become a verified merchant of NextPay.

If you have any queries or doubts, or if you need assistance with preparing the documents for becoming for applying for our service, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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