3-D Secure Technology now available at NextPay

3-D Secure is an authentication method used to protect the cardholder from fraudsters by creating and assigning a password to a card which is used for online purchases. NextPay now uses 3-D Secure technology to eliminate unauthorised purchases and protect our clients from fraud related chargeback. Check the infografic for more:


1) Fraud in E-commerce

– For every 1,000 transactions there is an average 27 attacks
– Rate multiplies by 2 for luxury items and by 4 for digital items
– Out of every $100 spent on online sales $4.79 are fraud

2) 3D Secure stands for 3 Domain Server

The merchant the sale is made from
Acquiring Bank (the bank that processes transaction)
The card brands Visa and MasterCard

3) The card schemes are Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure Code

4) Benefits of using 3D Secure:

Liability Shift: customer bank assumes the cost
No extra cost: NextPay offers service free of cost
Easy to set up: no need to update code, NextPay agent will have it enabled

5) Process:

Customer submits card details and clicks complete
Redirected to Visa or MasterCard secure page
Customer input password
Redirected back to the confirmation page

6) Additional NextPay fraud checks:

– Global negative database (4 million unique entries)
– Fraud score (180 correlation tests)
– Device ID (Database of 60 million devices)
– Fraud Alert

For more information please contact us at: [email protected] o al +1 305 600 0553

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