Improve Conversion Rates with NextPay Light Checkout

The conversion rate of your business is the most critical metric you have for determining the success of your online store. Measuring your conversion rates allows you to optimise your site to encourage more visitors to make transactions and boost sales.

One of the best ways to optimise your eCommerce site is with a streamlined checkout service.

NextPay Light Checkout offers your eCommerce company a more effective way to improve conversion rates by giving you the simplest and fastest checkout available.

NextPay Light Checkout uses just four fields of input to complete a payment, and if you want to include billing and shipping information, it is just a few extra lines of code for complete integration.


NextPay Light Checkout Features

NextPay Light Checkout offers a range of features designed to make your customer checkout experience as smooth as possible. Easy checkout for your customers means less abandoned shopping carts and higher sales conversion rates. Some of the features of NextPay Light Checkout that can help boost conversions include:

  • Simple Integration

Light Checkout offers simple ways to integrate the system into your store. With just a few easy lines of code, you can customise your checkout to suit the style and needs of your eCommerce store. Create a checkout that operates directly from the product page without redirecting to a third-party payment site. This can keep more customers on your site and increase your sales conversion rate.


One-Click Payments

Customers become frustrated if they need to continually enter card, billing, and shipping information, which can lead to fewer transactions and less satisfied customers. One-Click payments increase customer retention by streamlining the checkout process and allowing your customers to finalize purchases in seconds.

One-Click payments use a powerful technology called tokenisation to protect customer card information. Rather than storing sensitive card information online, the data is allocated a token that preserves all the essential card information while the original card data can be removed from your system. When a customer makes a One-Click purchase, the token is retrieved and added to the input windows for easier, faster, and more secure transactions.


3-D Secure

Security is an essential part of improving your customers’ online shopping experience and makes it more likely they will give you repeat business in the future. Security also protects your business from fraudulent purchases and counterfeit cards.

On the other hand, extensive security measures such as repeated requests for card information and verification of ID can be intrusive and extend total checkout times. This can reduce conversion rates and limit your sales.

3-D Secure is the standard security protocol for online purchasing. It uses three separate domains to create an additional layer of security for card transactions using pop-ups that require PIN verification before allowing a transaction to be processed.

NextPay Light Checkout takes a brand-new approach to 3-D security. Our non-invasive 3-D Secure offers you the choice to switch on 3-D secure. You can use other factors such as IP addresses, customer data, and card metadata to determine the security status of the purchase. This non-intrusive approach gives you more control over your security and can reduce the checkout procedure for higher conversion rates.



One of the most effective ways that NextPay Light Checkout has to boost conversion rates is with the cross-sales feature. NextPay Light Checkout manages cross-selling smoothly with non-intrusive pop-up offers that appear after your customers click “Pay”.

This offers the opportunity for purchasing related products or services with a single click before customers finalise their purchase. Cross-sales can increase your total transactions by up to 30% and your sales profit by over 20%.


Multiple Payment Methods

Customers want versatility when making purchases. If your customer doesn’t see their preferred payment method available at your checkout, they are more likely to abandon their cart rather than use an alternative payment gateway.

NextPay Light Checkout offers multiple payment gateways, including Visa and Mastercard, Bank Transfers, e-Wallets as well as China UnionPay which lets you make the most of a booming Chinese eCommerce industry. This variety of payment methods will increase your customer retention and boost your sales.


Delayed Capture

Security is important for your customers and essential for protecting your business. Delayed capture allows you time to verify card information while still providing a product or service to your customers in a timely manner to maximise customer satisfaction.

Delayed capture works by blocking funds on a customer’s card for up to 7 days or 28 days for credit cards. This gives you time to verify the security and authenticity of the card information.

During this time, you have control over what will happen with the funds. You can deliver the product to the customer or withhold the product and return the funds if the card information is suspect. Once the information is confirmed, and the customer receives their items, your company captures the funds and the transaction is complete.


The Wrap-Up

A better user experience means a higher sales conversion rate. NextPay Light Checkout offers features that facilitate smooth transactions, minimizes the need for customers to enter identification and card information, and protect your business.


Contact NextPay today on +1 205-378-2634 to learn more about how you can integrate NextPay Light Checkout into your eCommerce business.

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