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  • Advanced
    Anti-Fraud System
  • API
  • Subscription
  • Major Card Types
  • Integration with Major
    Shopping Carts
  • Multi-Currency
  • International Processing
    & Settlement
  • Email

Advance Anti-Fraud System

NextPay utilizes the most modern security and identification methods to protect your website from fraud.

  • IP address and location verification at the moment of payment
  • Checking and keeping track of devices used by the client
  • Identity masking and proxy service detection
  • Card Bank Identification Number validation

API Integration

Smart API customization lets you choose from a wide array of options, not usually available to pre-packaged payment processing services. Consequently, tweaking and editing your payment handling to suit your business needs is quick and easy.

  • Customizability and integration with any website design
  • Unlimited structuring and appearance settings
  • Functional interaction with various parts and elements of your existing website

Subscription Billing

Recurring payments and membership fees often cause trouble to companies that process billing manually. Checking and handling repeat payments takes a lot of time and effort – but not with NextPay!

In order to make business more streamlined and efficient, we offer a number of billing cycles to make the payment process easier to your clients.

  • Easily install daily, weekly, monthly or annual payment subscriptions
  • Make engaging in long-term business relationships easier to your customers
  • Keep track of payment plans and bills via automated reports

Support for All Major Cards

Keeping in mind the needs of your customers, NextPay was developed to be compatible with all major payment cards, including but not limited to Visa and Mastercard

  • Full functionality with Visa, Mastercard, Diners, JCB, Discover and other cards
  • Sophisticated security and information safeguarding protocols for all card types
  • Recognition as a trusted partner for Visa and Mastercard

Integration with Major Shopping Carts

While e-commerce site architectures and shopping cart types vary greatly, NextPay has been designed to be compatible with all of them. As a result, our module plugin can be used on any website using a standard CMS.

In order to make business more streamlined and efficient, we offer a number of billing cycles to make the payment process easier to your clients.

  • Full compatibility with Magento, Opencart, CS-Cart and other shopping carts
  • Top-notch security protocols for interaction with any e-commerce platform
  • Extensive support and assistance in setting up the NextPay module with any shopping cart

Multi-Currency Processing

NextPay offers simple and efficient methods for handling payments in various currencies.

Provide your customers with an opportunity to purchase using their own local currency.

  • List prices in currencies your customers use
  • Make currency exchange instantly
  • Expand your market with international customers

International Processing and Settlement

Being a trusted payment processor in all parts of the world, NextPay has all the tools needed to handle international payments with professional diligence.

  • Low-cost international wire transfers
  • Fund remittances to any bank account in the world

Complying with international standards and being a certified financial institution in the European Union, NextPay offers budget-friendly and efficient ways of handling international business transactions, invoices and refunds to any bank in the world.

Email Payment

In order to ensure more payment options for your clients, NextPay gives the opportunity to send out e-mails that contain links to the invoices, making purchasing on various platforms quick and easy.

  • Give your clients another option for online payments
  • Verify the purchaser’s identity, sending the invoice to the client’s e-mail
  • Reduce website traffic load, diverting payments through another channel

We do not need to think of manually checking payment statuses, worrying about fraud, sending late payment reminders. They do all that automatically! NextPay is simply more than just a payment gateway.

Greg Sprouse,San Francisco, California, USA.

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