All information collected on a site owned or operated by NextPay is kept strictly confidential. At no time is this information ever given, sold or traded to any other group or individuals.

NextPay will do everything possible to safeguard the information collected on its web sites and keep it from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

NextPay may, from time to time, release general demographic information about it's clients and/or visitors to advertisers or potential investors. Such information will be statistical in nature about broad categories of visitors and will never contain specific information about any individual user.

All activity on this server is logged and archived, including all access to utilities & member updates. This information is used to provide statistical information about the use of the site, as well as to indicate possible misuse or abuse of the services. General information such as browser types, country of origin and number of clients and/or visitors may be made available to current or potential advertisers as described in paragraph 3.

If instructed to do so by court order or in compliance with existing laws, personal information about registered users will be made available to law enforcement personnel. If a registered user is suspected of conducting illegal activities, especially if using utilities from this service, information about such activities will be turned over to the proper authorities for investigation.

At no other time will any information specific to a client be released without the user's express permission.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us.

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