Experience and Coverage

During years of expertise in the e-commerce area, we have helped a large number of companies handle their online marketplace more efficiently, with 800 000 payments done in the last 12 months alone.

212 Merchants Using NextPay

E-commerce companies in a wide variety of business niches use the high quality NextPay software.

Happy Clients All Over the World

Tons of helpful features make NextPay the product of choice for international businesses in all countries of the world.

More than $80 Million Turnover

Our secure payment methods make handling large amounts of customers and transactions simple and efficient.

NextPay has been on my website since 2010, they have proven to be working efficiently and it is the first choice used for payment by most of my customers.

Moizkhan, Karachi, Pakistan

Help and Support

Here at NextPay we understand that introducing a new piece of software to be compatible with the rest of your system and website may be complicated without proper guidance. For this reason, we offer round-the-clock support and consultations.

24/7 Billing Support

Reaction time may be just the thing that wins you a client. For this reason, our friendly customer service is ready to answer all your questions at any time of the day.

Full Documentation Available

Extensive guidelines and instructions make setting up and tweaking NextPay as easy as possible, with all the relevant questions covered in a full package of documentation.

Dedicated Developer Support

In order to help advanced users further customize NextPay to better fit their company’s needs, we offer extensive support and consultations regarding very specific development questions.


Here at NextPay we understand the importance of security, when dealing with payments from your customers. That is why our software has been developed abiding by the maximum quality standards, earning us a number of highly respected certifications

Top-level security measures in our headquarters and development center have earned us the reputable PCI-DSS Level 1 acknowledgment, confirming maximum-security standards for handling sensitive payment card information.

Secure card handling practices have earned us approved member status with the major payment cards Visa and MasterCard , ensuring our qualities as a trusted partner.

Our Solutions

E-Commerce Processing

Quick and efficient payment processing. Automated payment handling and processing lets your employees save a huge amount of time on monitoring transactions.

Global Payment Gateways

Easy multi-currency handling and conversion. Supporting more than 24 currencies, NextPay makes international business easy and affordable.

Mobile Solutions

User friendly payment processing interface. Smart design and architecture make purchasing via mobile devices with NextPay a pleasant experience.

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With years of experience in the field, we know exactly how to make e-commerce payments user-friendly and efficient.

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